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Feb, 10, 2017
Delay shipment

We apologize to announce the delay for the two coming new models, CW001621 F-14A VF-84 Jolly Rogers AJ202 1978 1/72 and CW001622 F-14A VF-84 Jolly Rogers AJ203 1978 1/72.
The launch will be postponed until the end of March 2017.
Very sorry about the delay and our team is working hard to provide the better Century Wings every time for sure.
Thank you for your kind support.

Aug, 03, 2016
Modification of CW001619

New released photos of the coming F-14A Tomcat U.S.Navy VF-84 JOLLY ROGERS AJ200 1978 USS NIMITS
Look at this beauty but it is not the final model yet!
Currently the OO number position of tail is printed incorrectly!
Sorry for inconvenience.
So our team is working hard on presenting the best final version soon.
All collectors, be excited and look forward to it!

July, 28, 2016
Introduction of New functions
CW001619 10th Anniversary model (1st model) -
F-14A VF-84 Jolly Rogers AJ200 1978 1/72 (Flap & Slat Down)

Finally we are able to tell you more details about this exciting coming model!

We have done the Modifications:
New Main Gears       - Attached by magnet, Interchangeable Flying and Landing.
New Arresting Hook      - Interchangeable Hook up and Hook down.
New Nozzle           - Interchangeable Nozzle open and close.

We hope you would enjoy this news as much as we do and look forward to the release date, thank you!

Jun, 02, 2016

This web page announcement is for new release information only, not for order or purchase.
Please kindly contact your local Century Wings distributors for purchase if you are interested in our models.

Century Wings

May, 20, 2016
Celebration for the 10th Century Wings Anniversary!
Special Edition - Reborn F-14A VF-84 Jolly Rogers AJ200 1978 USS Nimitz 1/72 scale.

The new package design is glamorous with the impressive Jolly Rogers print.
Beautiful golden logo tells clearly that it for the 10th anniversary of Century Wings through 2006 to 2016!
A red stamp "FIRST REBORN MODEL" is marked to show this is the replicate of the very first model of Century Wings in 2006.

Also the same elements are used for the new premium card included so this is definitely a must-get item for the collectors for sure!

Thank you for being with us for the past ten years!
We hope you all enjoyed the new model!

Package Top

Package Side

Premium Card Front

Premium Card Back

Mar, 25, 2016
Reborn F-14A VF-84 Jolly Rogers 1978 1/72 scale
set in the magnet gear mounted as the 10th Century Wings Anniversary special edition


In order to thank all of our valuable customers and differentiate with other brand models.
Very first model F-14A VF-84 Jolly Rogers 1978 1/72 scale is reborn
for the 10th Century Wings Anniversary this year.
We will work hard to continue producing more sophisticated airplane models.

New functions for the 10th Anniversary model

  • Magnet attachment gear
  • With flap down wing for landing style
  • 2 Arresting hook parts ( Normal style and Hook Down Style)
  • Fully opened jet nozzle
  • Special design package

Sep, 11, 2015
Change of the release schedule

Dear collectors, here we are going to announce a change of the release schedule for the new coming models!
Originally from our news you could see that F-14A US NAVY VF-213 Blacklion 1995 was the next new model.
But in our final checking, we found some issues and require modification.
It will take some more time before we could present it to you perfectly.
So after meticulous consideration, we decide to introduce F-14D Buno.
164602 VF-213 06 Final Cruise to you first as our next new model (CW001617)!
It is a beauty and we are sure you would love it.
Please keep an eye on our news for the final release date in order to get it on time!

Aug, 17, 2015
CW-001616 SR-71A BLACKBIRD U.S.A.F 9TH SRW 61-7958 1990 with new elegant package with a premium card !

New coming CW-001616 SR-71A BLACKBIRD U.S.A.F 9TH SRW 61-7958 1990 will be placed in the special designed package with a premium card!
The 1990 Edition Airframe is well known as a "SPEED RECORD SETTER" and the wordings will be shown beautifully on the package.
This edition is limited to certain quantities only!
So dear collectors, please be prepared for the surprise and get your own one!

Package Top

Package Side 1

Package Side 2

Premium Card Front

Premium Card Back

May, 14, 2015
Lucky Draw !
Bingo Card to be found - CW001614 F-14B VF-102 Diamondbacks

We have enclosed in total 15 Bingo Cards on the back side of CW Premium Card of CW001614 F-14B VF-102 Diamondbacks!
If you see this card, you are one of the lucky prize-winner (15/1500 : 1% chance only worldwide) for the Century Wings original Jolly Rogers T-shirt!
Until now only a few collectors have required their prizes.
So please check your CW001614 Premium Card and
you might also be the lucky winner!

Apr, 17, 2015
CW00615 F-14D VF-31 Tomcatters AJ101 Correction

We have received feedbacks from our collectors for the new coming CW001615 F-14D Tomcat U.S.Navy VF-31 USS Theodore Roosevelt 2006 Tomcatters. There were several imperfections and our team is willing to accept comments humbly. Also we will make our best to improve in the future ! We will fix these issues and correct the colors, also the ejection seat parts as well.
We believe the new model will catch your eyes again!
The details photos will be updated soon !

Thank you for your constant support!

Before After

Dec, 17, 2014
CW001614 F-14B VF-102 Diamondbacks paint color corrected.

Sorry to announce you the color of "Counter Shade Gray Pattern" for the new coming model CW001614 F-14B Tomcat U.S.Navy VF-102 Diamondbacks AB102 2001 is different than the photos posted on our website.
Our team has completed the correction and we believe the new color is 100% similarity to the original aircraft as you can see from the graph below.
Please kindly wait and see in Feb 2015!

Aug, 27, 2014
CW-001613 F-14B Tomcat Jolly Rogers "Santa Cat" special Christmas package & premium card.

The new CW001613 F-14B Tomcat US Navy VF-103 Jolly Rogers AA103 2000 "Santa Cat" 1/72 will come with the special designed Christmas package and premium card. Look how graceful it is!
This charming Christmas version will definitely make a perfect gift for seasonal greeting!
Don't miss it!

Package Top

Package Side

Premiun card back side

Aug, 19, 2014
The original clear stand will be remained

Thank your for all the valuable feedbacks from you about the new stand project!
It is very appreciated to hear so many voices from Century Wings lovers worldwide!
About the new stand issue,
we read all the comments of yours carefully.

Here we are glad to share with you people that our final decision is out!
The original clear stand design will be remained and hope this result would satisfy most of our collectors.
and metallic silver stand will produce someday for the extra stand or special edition.
Thank you all again for your participation this time.
Your support is the energy for us to keep going and bring more excitements to our new air fighters for sure.

Jul, 22, 2014
New stands for F-14 and SR-71 1/72 scale models

Dear CenturyWings collectors
We are very happy to share with you about the coming project of the new stands.
Our designer has created these two new stands for F-14 1/72 scale and SR-71 scale models released in the future.
(This metalic silver stand is just production's planning stage.)

These two fancy stands will be colored in metallic silver and shining clear cut.
They will certainly match with your Century Wings models very well and bring out the visual glamour!

Frankly please send your comments about the new metalic stand.
This is made by plastic and metalic coating, not by real-metal.

Looking forward to hearing your comments!

Your commnets to
e-mail: centurywings@century.co.jp

Dec, 04, 2013
SR-71 Blackbird 50th Anniversary Model

Great news!
Here we are going to bring you a big surprise!
This time we have the honor to invite the famous pilot Mr. Brian Shul & RSO Mr. Walter L. Watson, Jr to certify our coming new model SR-71 Blackbird U.S.A.F 9TH SRW 61-7960 1986.
This model is certainly a beauty with breath- taking streamline outlook and limited to 500 pcs only! Most important that each one will include a very its own certificate card signed by Mr. Brian Shul & RSO Mr. Walter L. Watson, Jr personally!

The pictures with SR-71 Major pilot Brian Shul.

Back side of the certificate

Model 001605 and 001606 are exactly the same aircraft. The only difference is whether the certificate included or not.

Nov, 19, 2013

Our valuable CenturyWings collectors! You can see the new A-7D colours on our web site.
We are proud to present you the new A-7D CORSAIR II 162 TFS, 178 TFG Ohio ANG!
Look at the colour combination!
Every single detail matches each other so well!
Please do contact your local distributor as quick as possible to getyour own one before all of them are gone!

Nov, 15, 2013
CW001604 A-7D corrected color

Dear CenturyWings collectors, thank you for your patience to wait for our latest new model A-7D CORSAIR II 162 TFS, 178 TFG Ohio ANG!
As you know that we always look for perfection for every single detail so the released date is a bit delayed since the final appearance colour is changed.
You will be surprised by the new colour for sure.
So keep paying attention on our latest news with details photos.

Oct, 21, 2013
New delicate collector's card holder

Good News!
We are very happy to announce that new simple card holder is finally completed.
The new card holder comes with streamline shape with clear cut.
It matches the original stand so well and does make everything look even better now!
So from now on, this new delicate collector-card holder will be included with all the new CenturyWings models released.
(from CW001604 A-7D)

Jul, 23, 2013

Please be aware that NONE-authentic regular models of Century Wings products are displayed and for sale under the company "阿乐车模俱乐部" (=A Le Che Mo Ju Le Bu) on China Taobao website below.


In any case, Century Wings and Century Wings authorized distributors are not responsible in providing any support for the models purchased from this supplier "阿乐车模俱乐部"(=A Le Che Mo Ju Le Bu).

Mar, 07, 2013
North America and Canada Exclusive distributor

We are pleased to announce the new partnership in association with The Flying Mule!
With the cooperation, clients who located in North America and Canada will get the most updated release infos all the time and also the best efficient service in the future!

Mar, 07, 2013
China and Taiwan Exclusive distributor

It is our privilege to announce that HHow Toys will be joining our sales network more,
in the capacity of being Century Wings partner for both China and Taiwan areas.
HHow Toys' many years of experience in this field will be a great asset to us as we move forward as part of our big family.

Nov, 29, 2012

F-14A TOMCAT VF-1 WOLFPACK release has been postpone to January 2013.

Sep, 11, 2012
CW Shanghai Expo Photos Report

Some photos report from The 9th Shanghai International Model Exhibition that took place on 2012 Aug 28th to Aug 30th at CW China exclusive distributor H How Toy's company booth.

Jul, 30, 2012
Century Wings exhibits The 9th Shanghai International Model Exhibition

TDate: August 28th ~ 30th 2012
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

August 28th AM9:30~PM16:30
August 29th AM9:00~PM16:30
August 30th AM9:00~PM13:00
Booth number: No116

HHow Toy's Company (CW China distributor)
Address No47 Guoquan Road., Yanpu District, Shanghai, China
Contact:Ms. Penny Jia

Jul, 17, 2012
Dear Century Wings collectors

Thank you for your support to Century Wings as always!
For the purchase and inquiry about any Century Wings models,
please kindly contact the local distributors in your country worldwide.
If none distributor or retailer information can be found in your located country,
Please feel free to contact us directly and we will let you know the contact infos.
All of our Century Wings models are limited qty production.
Please hurry up for your order so you do not miss it!

Jul, 01, 2012
Century Wings continues growing and expanding to take more adventure now!

Thank you for your support to Century Wings as always!
For the purchase and inquiry about any Century Wings models,
please kindly contact the local distributors in your country worldwide.
If none distributor or retailer information can be found in your located country,
Please feel free to contact us directly and we will let you know the contact infos.
All of our Century Wings models are limited qty production.
Please hurry up for your order so you do not miss it!

Jan, 17, 2011
Century Wings exhibits International Toy Fair in Nurnberg Germany.

The show is open.
Date Opening hours
Feb 3rd (Thu) 9:00-18:00
Feb 4th (Fri) 9:00-18:00
Feb 5th (Sat) 9:00-18:00
Feb 6th (Sun) 9:00-18:00
Feb 7th (Mon) 9:00-18:00
Feb 8th (Tue) 9:00-17:00

Hall:Ubergang 4A

X Plus (HK) Company Limited
Phone:+86 139-2295-3487
Booth map:Ubergang 4A UE-10(pdf)

La Mini Miniera's booth
Century Wings models also exhibit at Italian Die-cast model distributor "La Mini Miniera"s Stand.
Booth No:E-59

La Mini Miniera s.a.s. di Casati Piergiorgio & C.
Phone:+39 0171-344-420
Booth map:7 E-59(pdf)

Jan, 17, 2011
Century Wings exhibits International Toy Fair in Nurnberg Germany.

The show is open. Date:
Oct 21th (Thu) Trade only
Oct 22th (Fri) Trade only
Oct 23th (Sat) Trade and Public
Oct 24th (Sun) Trade and Public

Booth No:2340 (The Flying Mule)

In charge of the booth:
North America Exclusive distributor : The Flying Mule
Contact:Mr.Martin Robins or Mr.Eric Knell

Hall:Donal E. Stephens Convention Center
Address:5555 N. River Road Rosemont, IL 60018
Tel: 847-692-2220
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