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The Century Wings collector field is the communication platform for collectors of our various airplane models.
You can gain experiences with other collectors and share useful information.

Just grab your camera now and send us the photos of your beloved Century Wings collections with your nickname and your comments and country detail.
We will update those photos of your valuable models to our collector page for everybody to view.

Also you get to join the competition of every month.
If you become the winner of the month, the unique Century Wings original Jolly Rogers T-Shirt will be sent to you by post. (Refer attached photos.)

Go and enter your collections now!
Especially and most welcome lady collectors to join our party!
(Submit photos to centurywings@century.co.jp)

June 27, 2023
Nickname: Tarkan  :created by specialdiecast.com
Country: Netherlands

I made some new pictures from the cw001643.
I painted this one ultra matt so it looks more realistic.
and also here are some new pictures of the cw001644 ~ cw001646.

Century Wings reply:
Thank you for sending us these wonderful photos of our just released F-8E CW001644 ,001645 and A-7E CW001646.
Your photos still remain of the consistently high standard.
The details of these airplane diecasts are handled ingeniously.
The scene constructs harmony with the clear sky line and the blue sea surface !
Thanks for sharing these remarkable photos with us.

November 8, 2022
Nickname: Tarkan
Country: Netherlands

Some nice photos for the site.

Century Wings reply:
Hello Tarkan, glad to have your constant support!
These captivating backgrounds make the views so attractive!
They have introduced us to many new angles to look at our charming airplanes again!
Also movie-like scenes and graceful artistic atmosphere are presented beautifully!
Thank you for being such a good CenturyWings collector and always bringing nice photos to us!

Sep 20, 2022
Nickname: Tarkan
Country: Netherlands

Here some photo's I made for the website.

Century Wings reply:
Dear Tarkan, nice to hear from you again!
We always cherish the continuous support from our collectors, it is the force that encourages us to improve.
Your photos are taken beautifully and have created high quality oil painting style atmosphere!
The airplane looks so classic and elegant in these pictures.
A big thank for sharing them.

Jan 25, 2022
Nickname: Tarkan
Country: Netherlands

Monthly Winner in January 2022

My name is Tarkan and I am from The Netherlands,
I always had a passion for militairy Aviation and in the beginning I started to built plastic model kits when I was young till 15 years ago when I started to collect 1/72 diecast models and one of my favorite brand is Century Wings.
What i still do is building dioramas and add diecast to make it more realistic.

Century Wings reply:
Dear Tarkan, we are glad to have a friend from Netherlands to join us in this collector field!
Your photos are attractive, the detail settings have created some kind of fascinating touches.
These really make the airplanes and team members look realistic and vibrant on that deck!
Especially with beautiful sky view and harmonious seascape as the background.
Thanks for sharing them and we all look forward to see more!

Feb 22, 2019
Nickname: Stingray
Country: Germany

Monthly Winner in February 2019

Dear sirs
Please find attached some photos of my collection of CW-aircarft
(and other related items).
I have most of my CW-aircraft on display -
especially the complete first edition of the 1978 Nimitz-"flight deck" -
but not enough space to display all my models at the same time.
I was delighted to find you producing all the aircraft
I fell in love with as a kid when watching
"The Final Countdown" in cinema.
Especially the "flaps-down"-versions of the Tomcats and Crusaders attract me a lot...
It took me a while to collect them all
(about half of them are pre-owned models) as I was not able to buy the all at once when they were released...
In addition to the Nimitz-deck in the second row,
I decided to showcase some of the VF-84-Jolly Rogers' history of aircraft in service (upper left row)...
As you can see, VF-84 Jolly Rogers and VF-111 Sundowners are my most favorite squadrons.
Hope you enjoy my display and want to share the photos on your homepage's collectors-section.

Century Wings reply:
Dear Stingray
Your collections look fantastic!
It is always nice to hear from a Century Wings lover and
see your treasure.
All the air planes are shown distinctly with powerful attitude!
The whole room display is ingenious, especially with those air force helmets next to the planes.
Also the real size air force personnel model is very impressive and bring out the whole collection mood.
Thank you for showing us those wonderful photos!

Sep 14, 2018
Nickname: KPS
Country: Japan

Dear Century Wings,
Thank you very much for releasing wonderful products always.
I have become a fan of F-14 and A-6 by the influence of the movie.
I thought about collecting plastic models, but it was not easy since I had no time.
At the same time, I met Century Wings.
Both texture and quality made me pleased.
Especially my favorite is the Kneeling version Flat & Slat Down.
Please continue to launch good products.

Century Wings reply:
Dear KPS,
We are delighted to hear your compliments!
Glad to know that you are satisfied with your collection!
It is our first priority to make our lovers happy!
You do have a big collection, these air fighters line up beautifully!
Also the front airport field scenes bring out the whole setting, everything blended together in such a harmony.
The night view also looks very vivid and thanks for sharing with us!

Sep 10, 2018
Nickname: Christian
Country: Germany

Dear collectors, this is the Century Wings F-14A VF-84 JOLLY ROGERS AJ200 1978 USS NIMITZ in the flap & slat down version.
The unique configuration of the model gave me the option for trying some shots of a landing Tomcat.
I tried to simulate shots from deck of the USS Nimitz in 1978.
I partially used different filters which should simulate a classic camera of the late 1970s.

And also, this is the F-14A TOMCAT VF-41 BLACK ACES AJ101 1978.
I tried to make some in-flight shots in different angles and wing positions.
I also tried using some filters for letting this realistic model look like a realistic artwork and similar.

Century Wings reply:
Dear Christian,
It is highly appreciated to see your nice works again!
Especially you use new photography skill to let these diecast airplanes look realistic.
It is so nostalgic and these are fine artworks for sure!
The flap & slat down version of USS Nimitz looks great!
Also the in-flight shots of TOMCAT in different angles and wing positions are also very remarkable!
Thanks for your classic photos and well done!

May 17, 2018
Nickname: Kevin
Country: China

Monthly Winner in May 2018

Hi, I've been collected CW models for several years, with the main purchase channel from HH Toy in China, and please see some of my collection photos.
Also looking forward to see the new release on 1/72 A-6E, really the A-6E for CW is a very good topic and hope you may expand more on this topic.

Century Wings reply:
Dear Kevin, we are delighted to announce you as the monthly winner in May 2018.
The photographs are very eye-catching, everything is displayed methodically nice!
Highly appreciated to see the planes in action, the Interactivity of the flights and the crews looks so real.
Each site looks magnificent with unforgettable view angles!
Your support is the power for us to move forward!
Thanks a lot for your kind sharing!

Mar 6, 2017
Nickname: Eagle_Flyer
Country: UK

Hi Century Wings,
I am a keen collector of Century Wings models and my favorite is the F-14. The 10th Anniversary VF-84 F-14 model I am very happy to have in my collection and look forward to your future releases.
Thank you CW

Century Wings reply:
Dear Eagle, Your continuous support is highly appreciated!
This is the power to encourage us to make better airplanes all the time!
Happy to see the photos you took! You must love F-14 a lot,
every picture looks great with clear shots!
Thank you for sharing with us!

Jan 19, 2017
Nickname: Christian
Country: Germany

Monthly Winner in January 2017

Dear Century Wings Staff,
I would like to share my USS Nimitz 1978 diorama that mainly consists of Century Wings aircrafts, carrier deck crew and carrier deck vehicles.
I would like sharing some in flight shots of the Century Wings Tomcat too.

Dear Christian, thanks for sharing your beautiful photos with us again. It is always nice to hear from an old friend!
Your USS Nimitz 1978 diorama setting looks fantastic.
Everything looks realistic and dynamic on that deck!
All the photos were taken with nice photography angles for sure!
Also you really catch some powerful shots for the VF-114 Tomcat in the air!
Those in-flight photos do show the beauty of the airplanes well and grab everybody's heart!
We are so glad to see so many beautiful photos! Good job!

Oct. 13, 2016
Nickname: Felix

Monthly Winner in October 2016

Hello CW Team,
I would like to introduce you my very first CW F-14D Tomcat "Felix01" diecast model. This model looks awesome and is from my favourite VF-31 "TOMCATTERS" squadron.
I also purchased VF-31 and Tomcat patches and also VF-31 helmet.
Thank you very much.

Century Wings reply:
Dear FELIX, thank you for sharing your very first Century Wing model with us. We can all feel your excitement as well. The combination of the VF-31 helmet with these two patches together is brilliant!
It underlines the back aircraft and front card inadvertently and lead us to the amazing "TOMCATTERS" world!
Many thanks to joint us and looking forward to see more of your collections!

Aug. 08, 2016
Nickname: Martin
Country: Germany

Monthly Winner in August 2016

Hello from Germany to the CW team.
I send you a couple of times photos of my F-14 "Jolly Rogers" collection and would be glad if you it sets in your gallery.
Greetings from Germany

Century Wings reply:
Hello, It is so nice to hear from Germany!
Your airplanes are displayed with different attitudes for sure.
Each one has it own special character and bring out imaginative power!
Also the flight helmet is such a great showpiece and weave everything together attractively!
Thank you for sharing with us and we do enjoy it!

Nov. 13, 2015
Nickname: Jason
Country: U.S.A

Monthly Winner in November 2015

Just would like to submit my century wing collection.
Attached are photos.
As a retired Senior Officer from various Yokosuka assignments,
I'd encourage you to build more CVW-5 Aircraft.
I'd love to see more a-6's, 7's, EA-6b's and even the Blue Ridge's original SH-3 (Blackbeard). Thanks!

Century Wings reply:
Dear Jason,
I must say that you have an absolutely beautiful amazing showroom!
Look at these great battleship photos on the wall.
The definitely bring the whole scene to another level!
The aircrafts blend in with the entire surrounding in such a harmony way.
Especially those ones on the ceiling, they are really eye-catching and nice finish touch!
You should be very proud for sure and thanks for sharing with us!

Aug. 20, 2015
Nickname: Dennis
Country: Germany

Monthly Winner in August 2015

Dear Century Wings Team,
This is my collection of 1/72 models of the best fighter - jet ever - the Grumman F-14 Tomcat.
I love the Tomcat since I saw the Top Gun movie the first time - and thanks to Century Wings it grew to a great and high detailed collection.
I hope for many new CW-Tomcats in 1/72 scale...
Thank You!

Dear Dennis,
Thanks so much for your hard work to take so many stunning photos!
Everything surely becomes beautiful when amount is plenty!
We are glad to hear that you are very happy with your beautiful F-14 air fighters!
That is our continuous goal to create the highest satisfaction for our collectors!
Please keep supporting us and enjoy your collections!

Jul. 06, 2015
Nickname: ms06s_char
Country: Hong Kong

My very first collection of diecast military aircafts is a 1/72 VF-154 NF101 2003 by Century Wings because the tooling and quality is much better over other manufacturers, it caught my heart and I have increased my collections since then.
I've been waiting for a long time for Century Wings to release this F-14D VF-31 AJ101 which attended the F-14 Final Flight Ceremony at NAS Oceana, Virginia on Sept 22, 2006.
Finally, they did it and of course I am very pleased with their diecast replica.

Dear Char, so nice to hear good compliments about our aircrafts!
Collector's enjoyment and happiness are the major power for us to improve always!
The background of your photo is very eye-catching.
Natural view with bright colours does light up the whole scene and stand out the airplane well.
Thanks for sharing your pleasure with us and please keep having fun!

Jun. 23, 2015
Nickname: Christian
Country: Germany

Monthly Winner in June 2015

Hi, I'm a diecast Tomcat collector since a few years and Century Wings is my favorite brand.
My first Century Wings Tomcat was the VF-103 Jolly Rogers final Tomcat cruise version.
I'm happy that Century Wings gave me the chance display Tomcats in launch position by using their deck crewand deck vehicles.
I'm looking forward to new great Tomcat releases.
Thank you Century Wings.


Dear Christian, thank you for sharing your collector experience with us!
These launching photos look very nice.
Everything is in the right place and construct a great miniature.
One can really feel the tension and together into the stimulating atmosphere among the site!
Good job done and please keep going!

Apr. 23, 2015
Nickname: Collin
Country: Hawaii, US

Monthly Winner in April 2015

I never new Century Wings existed until one day my Father brought home from Japan our first Century Wings jet, F-14A from VF-84 in the launch config. From that day on, both him and I share the joy of collecting these beautiful models. The both of us have collected about 18 F-14's, A-6's, F-8's, and SR-71's in total.

Since my father is a pilot in the Air Force, my family and I had the privilege of moving around the world, thus exposing me to many aircraft; my favorite being the F-14 Tomcat. It is, and always will be the best fighter ever made. As of right now, I am currently done with college and in the process of applying to Undergraduate Pilot Training in the Air Force, in hopes of earning a fighter pilot slot.
Advice to potential future flyers: stay out of trouble with the law,
NO DUI's and stay in physical shape! And keep shooting for that pilot slot, keep your eyes on the prize!

Thank you Century Wings for these timeless pieces!
I look forward to seeing more releases! Aloha


Dear Collin, it is so wonderful that you are not only sharing your collection with us but also your future target.
Your collection blends in with the Japanese swords in the back round very well and creates this visual impact.
Black swords and these beautiful aircrafts together does make a magnificent scenery!
We are also very proud that our aircrafts were part of your good memory and lead to good result.
Keep going and we believe you would win the prize soon for sure!

Mar. 2, 2015
Nickname: Maverick

Monthly Winner in March 2015

I learned about Century Wings in Year 2007. Then I immediately ordered my first model: VF-101 AD164 Grim Reapers 2004.
I still remember what I felt when I took it in my hands and it was - a big dream of mine came true.
From that moment the models of my favorite brand among thr best that I have, and with the arrival of each new model the sense of perfection overwhelms me again.
Over the years, I received the following models from Century Wings 22 F-14A/B/D, 3 A-6E, 4 A-7D/E, 3 F-8E, 2 SR-71A/B.
I hope and believe that the company's development will cause even more exciting models in the years that follow. Thank You !

Dear Maverick, thank you for your strong support!
It is always nice to hear compliments from our Century Wings collector!
Very appreciated about the photos you took!
All of the different aircrafts combine together in a great harmony.
The two field shots also look sharp and neat.
You must be very proud of your collection!
Thanks again for your effort!

Feb. 18, 2015
Country:New Zealand

Monthly Winner in February 2015

Hello, I have been collecting Century Wings models since they were first released - about the same time I started collecting diecast models.
Many of my models are still in storage however I have displayed all of my Jolly Rogers Tomcats together - my favourite US Navy Squadron which is why I would love to win the excellent T-shirt!
Including airliners my collection is over 800 pieces and I am proud to have all of the Century Wings releases in 1:72 scale apart from 7 models and look forward to seeing more exciting releases from you in 2015 - especially the wonderful F-14 Tomcat!
Regards, Stew

Hello, Stew! Thanks for participating the competition!
It is amazing the number is your collection.
It is magnificent to have so many diecast models lining up together for sure!
The crew photo was taken subtly so the whole scene is very dynamic and full of tension atmosphere just like in a real deck !
Thanks again for sharing your collection with us!

Nov. 17, 2014

Monthly Winner in November!

Dear Century Wings,
I am very glad to share photoes with the global Century Wings'
enthusiast.My first collection is "F14-D TOMCAT VF31 TOMCATTERS AJ100 2006",
and then I found the color of 1978 are very pretty and classic.I have showed perfect details and exquisite technology to lots of my friends,
most of them have became the loyal fans of CW.Usually I make a joke with my friends and say"I have harmed you",ha ha.
Wishing that CW could provide new 1978 edition and some scene as options(such as deck,cars and so on) to the collectors.
Hopeing that CW could keep making things better and collectors could get more beloved competitive products.
Below is one of my collections show,do you like this De-lovely?
Waiting for your reply.Thank you.
Best regards.

Dear Enric, it is always nice to hear from the Centurywings lover, welcome all of your friends to join the big family!
I had a good look of these lovely photos and really got touched by the details shown!
The crew members look so lifelike around the airplane and everything was well placed with good balance!
Thanks for being such a good supporter and sharing the photos with us!

Jul. 24, 2014

I wanted to share some pics of some of my Century wing planes.
Hope you like them.... Jerry

Dear Jerry, highly appreciate your constant support!
Really love the way you line up these air- fighters along one by one!
All of them face the same direction proudly and create this ready-to-go vibe!
Thanks for sharing your collections with us!

May. 15, 2014
Nickname:Hwang Chi-ung
Country:Republic of Korea

My name is Hwang Chi-ung, I come from Republic of Korea.
I am interested in the field of aviation very much. a few years ago, I got small aircraft models from a friend of mine.
from then on, I began to collect aircraft models.
The most of my collections are Century Wings 1/72 combat aircraft models.
This time, I'd like to have an opportunity to interact with other collectors.

Hello Chi-ung, happy to have a new friend from Asia to join us!
Look at these detail photos!
They certainly bring us a new vision to take a good look of these air-fighters from a different angle!
Always excited to see how creative our collectors are and get surprised by the impressive displays all the time!
Thank you for sharing your photos with us !

Apr. 07, 2014

Monthly Winner in April!

Dear Sirs,
My name is George, I come from Greece and I am an airline pilot.
I collect many military aircraft models and my personal collection has quite a few Century Wings! I would really like to share my collection with you so please take a look to some of my photos and if you are interested, I would gladly send you some of my Century Wings by themselves!
Best Regards

Century Wings reply:
Dear George, what a nice surprise to have a real pilot to join us this time! Your wide range of CenturyWings collection is impressive!
It is such a brilliant idea to photograph these beauties in the outside balcony!
Look at how the natural light shines on those planes.
Make people feel so alive and want to fly with them in no time!
A wonderful job is done and thanks for sharing it with us!

Nov. 29, 2013

Monthly Winner in November!

Dear Century Wings,
My name is Bibifoo, I am a lady collector from Malaysia. I started to collect diecast aircraft just few months ago.
I was inspire by my husband.
He is a diecast model enthusiast.
One day, I help him clean his display cabinet, when I 1st touch on the Century Wings F-14 Tomcat, I never thought it can be so detail and realistic.
It look awesome and from there, I start collecting Century wings aircraft and most important is me and my husband can enjoy the same hobby now.
We collect, we unbox it together, we assembly the aircraft together and we enjoy the collecting process.
I would like to share some of my A-7 photo with other collectors.
I hope CW can produce more high quality aircraft model in future.

Century Wings reply:
Dear Bibifoo, it is so nice to have you to join us!
Very happy to know that you and your husband can be fond of the same amusement and enjoy the quality time together.
The details of every aircraft in the photos are well shown with majestic pose.
The light control is impressive and bring the viewers to the fantasy world of CenturyWings. Mirror image at the bottom also makes the finishing touch and creates the marvelous visual effect.
Thanks so much for sharing these lovely photos and we are all looking forward to see more of your collections, keep going and have fun!

May. 01, 2013
Country:The Netherlands

Monthly Winner in May!
We are happy to announce that the monthly winner in May is Sander!
His full line collection does blow our mind.
These war heroes are displayed neatly and the interaction in-between the flights and figures are so well-organized in each scene!
Let us congratulate him again and remember to share with your family, friends, colleagues ..... etc.
so they can also enter the exciting world of CenturyWings.

Dear Century Wings,
For years now enjoy your collection of planes and I'm collecting them.
I've included the pictures of my collection so far. As you can see I'm still missing two A-6's, but I'm hoping to receive them in a few weeks.
As the F-14 being my most favorite plane off all times, closely followed by the SR-71, your collection is right up my alley.
Best Regard,

Century Wings reply:
Dear Sander, your collection is astounding.
So excited to see the full line of all the CenturyWings flights!
You must have put a lot of efforts to get all of them so completely and they do look very organized and great in your shelf! I like the interaction display of the figures on the airfield very much.
I believe your collection creates a very nice view spot in your house for sure!
Again, thanks for your generous sharing!

Apr. 15, 2013

Girls Monthly Winner in April!

Dear Century Wings, my name is Carmen I am a girl from Italy and I am a diecast models collector.
I discovered Century Wings models in the last year and from that moment I have done my best to purchase these stunning models.
I was also lucky enough to find some very rare and old releases.
If I am a girl I really enjoy these models!
I send you my pictures.
Best regards,

Century Wings reply:
Dear Carmen, it is so exciting finally to get a female CenturyWings lover to join us!
Your collection quantity and rareness are impressive!
I believe many collectors must be envying you right now while seeing these photos! Look how stunning these planes stand together!
We are so happy to have you sharing with us! Well done!

Apr. 15, 2013

Monthly Winner in April!

I would like to propose my picture for the collector's corner and maybe win the VF-84 shirt.
See attach.

Century Wings reply:
Dear Michel, you do have a nice spot in your house!
The glass cabinet looks elegant and creates a great balance with the displays inside.
Especially you have an aviator's helmet to catch the eyes of the viewers and draw attention to the battleplanes you collect.
It is definitely a nice job done, thanks for sharing with us!

Dec. 05, 2012

I did a review of your latest CW F-14 VF-84 Jolly Roger AJ207,
1994 CW000177 Here is a link to the review with several pictures,
you can post them on your website.

Century Wings reply:
Dear Michael, thanks for these neat shoots!
You really get the essence of how to catch the best sharp look for these planes.
It does refresh the viewer's point very well.
All the details of the planes are shown clearly with nice display poses.
Thanks for joining us!

Nov. 26, 2012

I am Kazu.
It is one of my favourite models.
I photograph a die-casting model and enjoy that I make Aviation Art.

Century Wings reply:
Dear Kazu, thanks for these amazing artistic photos! They must had taken you a lot of effort to be so alive!
Especially the background floating clouds makes the plane looks like actually flying in the sky, also the impressive mountain view!
All the beautiful details of the plane are well showed through the clear shoot! Really nice job done!

Oct. 22, 2012
Nickname:AC Pilot
Country:Vancouver, Cananda

Hi there,
Here are some photos I recently took of my very first Century Wings purchase.
It is one of my favourite models.
It is a F-14A Tomcat from VF-84 "The Jolly Rogers" AJ202 in the launch configuration.
Thanks for the great models!

Century Wings reply:
Dear AC Pilot, thanks for joining us! The quality of your photos look so delicate with blue background!
All settings make everything look so real!
I especially like those trucks around and creates the busy ambience! Good Job!

Oct. 22, 2012
Nickname:Carbon Plane

Monthly winner in October!
We had a very difficult time to make decision in our internal appraisal and election this time.
Carbon Plane certainly knows how to present the night departure action powerfully.
You can actually feel the busy atmosphere and the tense of the crew through the shoots.
Also based on the remarkable effect of the light reflection, it delivers the realistic ambience so well that one would feel like actually in the airport sight!

Keep sending the photos to us and you might just be the coming winner next time!

I collect Century Wings models.
F-14 is my favorite.
Attached are some pics.

Century Wings reply:
Dear Carbon Plane, those night shoots look so powerful and make people could actuallyfeel the tense of the departure / landing of the planes.
Especially you place those people figures around with different poses so make it look even more real!
I must say that you really caught the minute and had the great job done!!

Oct. 11, 2012
Nickname:Brazilian ace

Hello, Century Wings team.
Well, I'm from Brazil so I am known as "Brazilian ace" in discussion forums on models in 1:72 scale.
I started collecting diecast models at the end of 2011, therefore my collection is very small.
I made pictures of four models (two Tomcat and two Blackbirds).
I tried to photograph them with natural light. Hope you enjoy.

Century Wings reply:
Dear Brazilian ace, it is so nice to see somebody who takes photos with natural light beautifully!
You create the spectacular views for those planes and also artistic atmosphere can be felt strongly.
I could really say that your photos would make everybody jealous for sure!

Oct. 11, 2012

Hi, my name is Millo, from Orlando FL, US.
Attached are photos of some of my models.
Each model is displayed according to real life pictures of that same plane.
Also, I have attached "live shots", displaying some of my models in "action".
Hope you enjoy them.

In answer to your question (posted in reference to the pictures now on the website), the "live action shots" in flight, were taken with each plane on its own Century Wings stand, but with each stand at an angle in which it is not visible. In two of the pictures, the stand is spread under the plane, right under the breadth of the wings, and the bottom of the picture is cropped right at the wingtip so that the stand is not visible.
In the picture of the model in flight with the wings swept, the photo is cropped at the bottom, right below the Lantirn pod, so that the stand is not visible either.
To make the "live shots" even more realistic, I (by computer), blocked the points where sidewinder missiles are meant to be attached, so that they are not visible.
Each picture, including the shots in flight, was taken using natural light; even the studio pictures.
I am glad you enjoyed the photos. Thanks for posting them.

Century Wings reply:
Dear Millo, how marvelous pictures of "live shots", it is so nice to see the planes in action! How did you take them so well?!
Those photos look very delicate, especially with the authorized card displayed next to it!
I believe you treat your collections very carefully so none damage,finger-print or dust can be found!
Thank you very much for your generous sharing!

Sep. 26, 2012

Monthly winner in September!

I'm Andrew and I'm a big fan of Century Wings. I am from Australia and I have been collecting them since they started and have many many models.
I have attached some photos of some of my models that I took a long time ago.

Century Wings reply:
Dear Andrew, your name is well known by us from the very beginning when Century Wings just started!
Thank you for your constant support to Century Wings and that is the major power for us to keep going!
Look at those photos you took! You must be proud of them, all die-casts look so great with marvelous view angles!

Come on everybody else, grab your camera now and join us for this exciting competition!